Where and When

We meet 1st and 3rd Sunday mornings starting at 11:00am.

We meet at:
Fueled & Aflame Dance Studio
2312 Northmoor Dr
Springfield, OH 45503

What's this look like?

We aren't your "normal" church service. We believe that one thing that is frequently missed during a service is Praxis (per wikipedia: "the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied, or realized"). We also believe that many of these spiritual practices help bring wholeness. AND many of them are actually scientifically proven to improve your health. So, regardless of if you identify as a Christian they are beneficial! So for our regular weekly meetings we will spend time focusing on these things!

Normal Sunday Meeting

What exactly does this look like? Well, we think this varies depending on the people in the room, but our general framework for a Sunday meeting is something like this:

Time hanging out

We start with time devoted to catching up with each other. Have a beverage (coffee, tea, and water are guaranteed to be here!) and mingle. Not your thing? We totally understand! You're free to engage as much or as little as you'd like. And you're welcome to slide in around 10:45 to avoid this too.

A few minutes of a speaker

This time is where a speaker relays some information. This could be on a specific Blue Ocean Topic, a seasonal topic, or just something that they've been working through. We do not limit this to our "pastors". In fact, if you have something you'd like to talk about we encourage you to talk to Vicki or Allyn about it and see when it might fit into the schedule.

A time of interaction about the topic

Along with the speaking we feel it's important to spend time interacting about the topic. This could be a Q&A, breaking into smaller groups to discuss, or something else entirely. It depends on the group and the speaker. This is the time where we can dig a little deeper, start more discussions on the topic, and generally engage with each other to learn more.

A spiritual practice

This is the heart of our meetings. We will have a guided time of spiritual practice. This could be centering prayer,  lectio divina, or something similar. These practices have been scientifically found to be mentally beneficial, so even if you don't identify as Christian (or even spiritual), they have direct health benefits. While we will have a guided group time, you are free to step away and spend time doing your own thing too! Find a comfy spot somewhere and we'll call everyone back when it's time to transition to the next part of our meeting.

Sometimes a few minutes of worship or individual prayer

Worship, it's a loaded phrase. For us, this is a time where we'll have some music (sometimes live, sometimes recorded) and you're invited to express yourself in the way that suites you best (within socially acceptable boundaries of course). We believe that our worship can be different for different people. We also believe this is a wholistic practice. So you will likely see dancing (we are in a dance studio after all), people doing art, people sitting alone just being there, etc.

This is also a time where we will pray for each other if it's requested. Again, this prayer could take the common form (at least here in the west) of someone verbally speaking words of prayer, but it can also be movement based (dancing), or silent. If you'd like prayer you can ask anyone you feel comfortable with, but especially our co-pastors Vicki and Allyn. They may introduce you to one of our other trusted folks, but know that this practice is about your comfort. You will not be asked to do anything more than you're comfortable with.

Official "end"

We think it's important that there is a designated time where things are "officially" over. While some may stay and spend more time in worship, this is the time when the meeting is officially "over". We think this gives folks who are less engaged, have another commitment, or are just plain ready for lunch to head out to the rest of your day! You're also welcome to stay and hang out with God or each other a little longer.

Or Something Different...

We think that it's just as important for us to be out in the community. So we will regularly spend our regular meeting time out in the community. This could be doing a service project, meeting with other's, practicing random acts of kindness, or something else entirely! We will announce these special weekends in advance at our meeting time, on our facebook page, and on that weekend with a sign on the studio door.